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The First Tokenized Cannabis Ecosystem

GLOBAL CANNABIS, is the first tokenized cannabis ecosystem with equity positions in a variety of cannabis companies.

Our diverse portfolio within the cannabis industry, allows investors to minimize the risks of investing on the wrong side of the industry.

Democratizing access to cannabis investment through tokenization, Global Cannabis has tokenized 100% of its equity.


Buy Global Cannabis Tokens

Pay with stable cryptocurrencies (such as Tether, TrueUSD, USDC) or Fiat (USD) to receive tokens and become a shareholder.

Benefit from Ownership in a Diverse Group of Cannabis companies

By purchasing Global Cannabis tokens, investors around the world will now have an opportunity for early exposure, high potential early-stage cannabis companies.

Token appreciation

As the portfolio valuation grows, so does the valuation of the token. Investors can earn proceeds from trading the token (asset appreciation) or from liquidity events (Exits, IPO’s).


Andrés Israel

CEO & Co-Founder

JoaquĂ­n GarcĂ­a

CCO & Co-Founder

Rodrigo Rey

CLO & Co-Founder

JoaquĂ­n GarcĂ­a

CFO & Co-Founder

Carlos Oehninger

Chief of Staff & Co - Founder
David Luftglass

David Luftglass

Investment Committee & Advisory Board

Juan Vitureira


Florencia Alvarez


Costanza Melloni

Legal Coordinator

Adam Grossman


Emiliano Billi

Chief Blockchain Officer

MartĂ­n Naor


Raquel Peyraube


Ruben Sosenke


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