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At Global Cannabis, we are a community of driven entrepreneurs, committed to building the most comprehensive cannabis ecosystem. Our portfolio companies share a passion for the industry, combined with invaluable experience, knowledge and resources. We strive to create a circle of value and economic benefit, making a positive impact on the industry as a whole.


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Green Science Innovation works to make the cannabis industry more sustainable, offering solutions to reduce waste and create products for cosmetic, industrial and therapeutic use. They strive to create a circular economy mindset for the industry.

Cozmique is a startup focused on developing dermatological products that take advantage of the properties of natural components, including cannabis derivatives such as CBD, CBN and CBG. His vision offers a unique way to approach skin care.

Camino Florido

Camino Florido is a young company dedicated to the development of natural skin products, to contribute to the health and well-being of people. It has a portfolio of cosmetic, homeopathic and aromatherapy products. They are formulated with natural ingredients such as lavender, marigold, CBD, CBN, CBG, which reduce stress and anxiety.

CBM Cosmeatrics

With the aim of developing products to improve people’s quality of life, CBM Cosmeatrcises is a company that offers skin care solutions using CBD and CBG extracts in its creams and balms. Targeting the highest quality in terpaĂ©utic botanical ingredients and derivatives of cannabis, provides nutrition and treatments for specific ailments.

Amoite invites you to experience the fascinating beauty of nature through the creation of fragrances and essences of autochthonous Latin American fruit extracts and flowers, with great emphasis on environmentally friendly production using beautiful artisans in their packaging. Let the plants and flowers enchant you with their delicious aromas.

JolyPets provides premium nutrition for the health and well-being of your pet, acting on your immune system and treating multiple conditions that may suffer. Its products help reduce pain, anxiety, prevent inflammation, seizures and more. JolyPets promoting a happier and healthier lifestyle for pets.

Upstairs Foods

Upstairs Food proposes a selection of innovative and healthy edible products, based on hemp seed, protein, oil and flour. Enjoy the many advantages that hemp offers as a food in its special product range.

Hemp Agro Grain

Hemp Agro Grain is a hemp seed production company, in order to supply them for the great variety of uses they may have. Targeting areas such as nutrition, cosmetics and animal supplements. It has a mission to make hemp seeds accessible to everyone.

Monteverde is a cannabis company that focuses on the cultivation of psychoactive cannabis for medicinal uses. Part of its essence is to defend sustainable farming practices and high quality production.  

Vusler is an online cannabis market that connects customers with reliable high-quality cannabinoid products from the best brands in cosmetics, food and goods. They are committed to industry progress across the region.


Alterna is an R&D company focused on the development of alternative CBD products, such as pills, extracts and synthesis for beverages. It also uses cannabis extraction residues for the production of raw materials.

Nativa Pharma is a Colombian-based company focused on research, development and production of cannabis and herbal medicinal products. They offer a wide range of innovative solutions for the industry and are highly committed to supplying their partners with the best trade routes and their own products.

Papa & Barkley is the California’s #1 Cannabis Wellness brand.

Big Oil Co is one of California’s leading companies producing high quality, potent, safe and consistent cannabis concentrates. 

Acronym Investment is a global sales organization and trusted, highly innovative cannabis brand holding company.

KA Intimacy is a company whose mission is to promote a better quality of sexual life, through the manufacture of products made from cane oil. They highlight the all-natural ingredients with which they manage to develop their innovative formulas.

Brainmed is a Brazilian biotechnology R&D firm that specializes in the emerging psilocybin industry. It is a leader in the field, pushing the boundaries of research and technology.

Green Flowers Co

Green Flowers co is an innovative organization specialized in the cultivation of non-psychoactive cannabis. This cane production is under the highest standards of quality.

Hemp Ecuador is a company specialized in providing quality products and services to its customers, with a focus on laboratory testing, hemp extraction and advisory services. They also offer a grow shop with a comprehensive selection of products tailored to hemp growers.

Future Infusions

Future Infusions is a Company dedicated to cannabis-infused products, made up of Il Secreto Tea and Il Barone Coffee.

Pharma Origins

Pharma Origins  the expert Advising company for cannabinoid-based products. From importation to registration and formulation, they offer the complete solution.


Pucmed is a Uruguayan and Brazilian company specialized in the production of organic and hydroponic medical cannabis and industrial hemp. Its products present a high level of quality and provide a lot of benefits to its customers. 


Landopp is a startup that produces 100% bio-based polymers as a long-term sustainable replacement for plastic. Hemp stalk, which is generally released into the cannabis industry, is used here for the production of these organic products.

Anna is an E-commerce provider with approval from the AgĂȘncia Nacional de VigilĂąncia SanitĂĄria (Anvisa) in Brazil, offering customers quality CBD products.

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